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In the largest US city with no fluoride in its water, I am in some ways ashamed that we don’t provide a safe and effective way of preventing dental decay for our inhabitants. As a medical student, I have seen many patients whose oral health suffers due to … read more

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Compared to 15% of Washington children, 35% of Oregon children have untreated tooth decayHealthy Kids, Healthy Portland is a grassroots coalition of over 80 community organizations who support Measure 26-151 as the most important thing we can do to improve the health of all Portlanders – especially our kids. phonenumberhub.com

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Oregon is in a dental health crisis. Adding fluoride to our drinking water is the most effective, economical and most of all safe way to address this urgent problem: that is why every major health organization supports it – every one.Please explore this site and learn why Measure 26-151 is so important.  Here you will find the facts, the research and positive impacts your vote will have.  And you will see why the community organizations, health care professionals, educators, scientists and neighbors you trust urge you to join them by voting Yes on Measure 26-151.

We are in a dental health crisis. And it impacts us all.

In the Portland Metro area, 21% of children suffer from untreated dental decay – that’s forty percent more than fluoridated Seattle Metro [1]. This means too many kids suffer severe pain and infection and needlessly miss school days, impacting their education and their future. 3d printer hub

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Untreated dental decay not only causes pain, it can undermine a child’s education, life-long health, productivity, and employability. Portland’s dental crisis wastes money for taxpayers, businesses, and families. While everyone is affected, people from low income communities and communities of color suffer the most, sometimes with two to three times more dental decay than other Oregonians.No kid deserves unhealthy teeth, and Oregon’s dental health crisis impacts all of us.

Fluoridation is the safest and most effective way to reduce tooth decay and improve oral health.

There is a reason that the Centers for Disease Control calls water fluoridation one of the most important public health advances of the 20th Century [2]. Fluoride added to drinking water is the simplest, most effective and most affordable way to address dental health for every Portlander.

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Simply by adding fluoride to water, we could reduce tooth decay in Portland by at least 25% [3].  For our kids, that means more time in school and considerably less time in pain.Water fluoridation is a safe, proven way to reduce tooth decay and improve oral health for all members of the community at a minimal cost. It’s less expensive and far more efficient than any other alternative – and when you drink fluoridated water, every kid gets the access they need, regardless of their income level. It’s the single best way to reduce tooth decay for all members in the community at a minimal cost.

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