Get Involved

This campaign will be won one conversation at time. This is why your help is so important to our success. Over here at HKHP, we care a lot about the overall health of our community and are deeply invested in taking steps to make things better for all Portlanders. If you share our values, can you help by spreading the word? Here are some ways you can get involved:

  • Host a House Party
  • Display a lawn sign (coming soon!)
  • Talk directly to voters on the phone or on their doorsteps
  • Spread the word by distributing flyers at community events
  • Like us Facebook and follow us on Twitter
  • Wear a button! We have them here at the office
  • Display educational materials at your work-place

Fill out the form below to sign up and we’ll be in touch. Don’t have any time to spare but you care about this issue? Make a donation here.